Ramping up on Rancher

What is Rancher?

For those who want to ramp-up on the Open Source “Kubernetes as a Service” Rancher products.

If you don’t know Rancher yet; Rancher is an open source software stack used by those who want to deploy, or already deployed containers, and it’s very strong in the challenges you might face when managing multiple K8s clusters.

For Rancher it doesn’t matter where your Kubernetes runs, Rancher can manage it all. Deploy to EKS, GKE, AKS or even import existing clusters and centrally manage all those clusters.

Besides the product Rancher, Rancher also has RancherOS and RKE. Last week they announced K3S a lightweight K8s version that even runs on Raspberry Pi. RancherOS is a lightweight way to run Docker workloads in an production environment and RKE is the Rancher Kubernetes Engine, a command-line tool for creating and managing Kubernetes clusters.

How to start with Rancher? Below some training material or contact us for a workshop.

Intro to Kubernetes and Rancher Online Training

Introducing K3S – A Lightweight Kubernetes Distribution Built for the Edge

Get the free Rancher Architecture eBook

Follow Rancher on Slack – rancher-users.slack.com


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